Interfaith Voices

Why Interfaith?

The greater Elmira-Corning region is fortunate to have a diversity of faiths represented by active congregations.  For fifteen years I have participated on the coordinating committee for STIC and been involved in its public programs and activities. Especially after September…

Disclaimer: This space will feature a diversity of voices and viewpoints held by the individuals speaking as an individual member of STIC, and not for the coalition as a whole.

Interfaith Voices is a forum for individuals to speak out as members of the Southern Tier Interfaith Coalition (STIC). The purpose of this Organization shall be to promote education, understanding and cooperation between different faith groups, without preference or favor to any one denomination or faith; to proactively foster an atmosphere of tolerance, freedom, social justice and peace within our greater community; and to demonstrate where and whenever possible the principle that every human being is imbued with equal Divine worth.