Southern Tier Interfaith Coalition (STIC) bylaws abstract. Attached are the full by-laws.

Article 1

This Organization shall be known as the Southern Tier Interfaith Coalition.

The purpose of this Organization shall be to promote education, understanding and cooperation between different faith groups, without preference or favor to any one denomination or faith; to proactively foster an atmosphere of tolerance, freedom, social justice and peace within our greater community; and to demonstrate where and whenever possible the principle that every human being is imbued with equal Divine worth.

The purposes for which the Southern Tier Interfaith Coalition is organized are exclusively religious, charitable, scientific, literary, and educational within the meaning of section 501{c} (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 or the corresponding provision of any future United States Internal Law. 

Article II – Membership

Section 2

Each human being, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race
ethnicity, nationality, religious tradition, or personal challenge is
equally imbued with Divine worth. This heritage is paramount in
any and all consideration. There are many pathways to the Divine.
No one individual or group holds the absolute truth in discerning
the correct path for another. No one individual or group has the
right to coerce or deceive another into adherence of that group’s
or individual’s professed faith or truth. Variety and diversity of
religious expression are to be celebrated and defended.

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Southern Tier Interfaith Coalition By-Laws (PDF 119kb)


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